Upstalsboom Seehotel

Borkumが販売しているUpstalsboom Seehotelの販売実績&評価などの推移についてグラフ化しました。

Upstalsboom Seehotel



ホテル名Upstalsboom Seehotel アップシュタールスブーム シーホテル
DEU Germany ドイツ
Borkum ボルクム
緯度&経度53.58985 6.66026
ホテル情報The lovingly restored Upstalsboom Lake hotel presents itself in nostalgic charm. Since the times of an Imperial Germany, the white house at the sea has been a popular destination and of course still is today. Modern comfort behind a historic façade. Sophisticated and friendly atmosphere with special flair. The special comfort and the elegant ambience ensure pleasant holidays. The individual service and the very personal atmosphere of the house will give you the impression of being surrounded by people who care about you. Start your day with the rich breakfast buffet and, after an eventful day, enjoy the regional fish specialties or typical German dishes in the cosy restaurant. Take a walk at the beach, with fresh and healthy sea breezes.