Inselhotel VierJahresZeiten

Borkumが販売しているInselhotel VierJahresZeitenの販売実績&評価などの推移についてグラフ化しました。

Inselhotel VierJahresZeiten



ホテル名Inselhotel VierJahresZeiten 
DEU Germany ドイツ
Borkum ボルクム
緯度&経度53.58778 6.66319
ホテル情報Telephone reception: from 10:00 p.m. to 06:00 a.m. Foamily waves, wide beaches, tender green in windswept sallow thorn, effervescent life and infinite silence - all this is Borkum. In the change of seasons, this North Sea Island shows many faces. At the Inselhotel VierJahresZeiten - in the surrounding of harmony and soulfulness - your stay will always become a new experience. At the sophisticated, romantic ambience of the island hotel, you will experience the most beautiful side of the hearty Frisian hospitality. You reside in generous rooms with demanding accessories in an elegant ambience. The hotel offers many liveable areas like the cosy chimney room, the comfortable lounge or the inviting hotel lobby. We would like to indulge you with culinary and international specialities, as well as rural specialities of the region. Our chef de cuisine and team will enchant you. The stay in Borkum is healthy. All the same what you do, the natural healing powers of the sea are active here. Recover in the heated outside swimming-pool, in the vapour-bath or in the sauna. Enchant yourselves by experience showers and take a dream in the cultivated garden. The hotel is very centrally located and only a few minutes away from the beach.